20 August, 2018

The beauty of Scandinavian design

Presented by Ido

The aesthetic of Scandinavian design has inspired the world for the last eight decades. If you don’t think you’ve been caught by its charm, just take a quick look at your home: it’s in the light wooden floors, the neutral colour palettes, the plants and fresh flowers around your living room, the clean lines in the bathroom and the rustic/modern wood furniture.

As newbies, we soon realized how important design is in Nordic people’s life. Let’s walk through the keys that have made Scandinavian design so successful.

Driven by the environment

As we’ve already experienced here in Sweden, winters are cold, dark and covered in snow most of the time. Summers, on the other hand, have endless light days and warm temperatures.

Also, Nordic countries have extensive areas of forests and mountains. Sweden, for instance, is 67% forested!

These factors have inspired an organic design thinking, using natural materials.


Peace of mind through organic materials

The coziness in Scandi design is not arbitrary. It aims to provide comfort and warmth in our homes during the dark cold winters. The use of wood, leather or hemp, smooth textures and neutral palettes are part of that philosophy.

Ian Randle is a British designer at IDO, a Swedish design company specialized in bathrooms. He loves Scandinavian design. For him it translates into clean and smooth forms where innovation, honesty and beauty are the keys to a good product.


“Beauty for everyone”

There’s an old Swedish expression which sums up the Scandi design: “All skönhet!”, which translates to: “Beauty for everyone”.


Scandinavian’s principles are socially inclusive, tolerant and liberal, these principles come from the modernist and functionalist design schools. They usually run away from opulent and luxurious lifestyles that represent aristocracy and royalty. They provide instead affordable designs for everyone, improving their lives with functional and high-quality products.

Kaarle Holmberg is an internationally renowned Finnish designer at IDO. He emphasizes the importance of quality in design as well as production. He respects light, clean forms and the idea of timeless products.

The triumph of eco-consciousness

The new trends come with a heavy green touch. The eco-conscious behaviour is more fashionable than ever.

IDO applies a greener approach choosing materials that are easy to recycle. They’re very proud to have developed the world’s first low flush WC unit that has become a standard worldwide.

“Lagom” burst out in 2017 and it’s still on trend. It means: “finding the right amount. Not too much, not too little”. In interior design, it’s translated into a conscious buying and a slow design.


Do not throw away that boring shelf or basket hidden in the closet: The Scandi-mania finds a way to turn something old-fashioned into something stylish.

You can take a look at IDO website to find out more about Scandi designs for your bathroom like this:


Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when redoing your bathroom:


  1. House insurance: If you want to redo your bathroom, your insurance doesn’t cover it. Also, the bathroom must have a floor drain and be built in compliance with the building standards and trade regulations in force at the time of construction. Read more about it here.
  2. Thinking about the budget: It determines the extent of your bathroom remodelling. Be aware there are some ways to save up money, like repainting and focusing on small details that will make a difference.
  3. Mastering the art of light: The bathroom is the most personal room of the house, a space of relaxation and peace. Lighting has a key role to give that feeling.
  4. Air quality: Humidity and funny odours are common issues in bathrooms. It can be sorted out installing an exhaust fan.
  5. Scandi look: The traditional colour scheme is white with some black touches, or pastel colours. Materials are wood and stone to give that organic feeling. Add some plants for a natural touch. Remember: Scandi design is simple and minimal.
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