18 February, 2020

The best places to spend a Swedish Summer

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It has been a long, cold winter, but soon it’ll be time for the cold to let go and instead give way to spring and summer. Hopefully, this will mean lots of sunshine and warmth. A lot of people are already dreaming of where they are going on vacation when it’s time for the summer holidays, and in that regard, Sweden really is the perfect destination for a holiday.

It’s a wonderful country that really has it all. From beautiful mountains to dense forests, vibrant urban cities to great beaches and small towns that seem like time has forgotten all about them, Sweden has something for everyone.

In this article, we are going to take you on a little journey through Sweden and show you the best vacation spots – starting in the town beyond time.

Väderöarna – the Weather Island


The Weather Island, as it is affectionally called, is a small island about 40 minutes off the coast of Sweden, and everything about it is beautiful – even the trip out there.

The journey starts at Hamburgsund where you can park your car and board the ferry. The ferry will then take you through an incredible maze of small islands across a beautiful sound, where you might even spot some friendly seals.

When you get to the island you will see that it is actually a wonderful nature reserve with quaint little houses, lots of boats, and great spots for swimming, bird watching, sun-bathing, and hiking.

The small island has a charming inn, which offers rooms and food in the restaurant or at the pier café. The island boasts beautiful rock carvings, a colony of seals, and an atmosphere that will help you to forget about the stress of life and instead bring you serene calm.

Wonderful Stockholm

Fågelöuddebadet in Stockholm is a popular swimming spot during the Summer.

Stockholm is the next stop on our trip. The capital of Sweden is famous for many things such as the amazing Abba Museum and the world’s largest hemispherical building. But did you know that Stockholm also has some of the most amazing beaches and swimming holes in Scandinavia?

There is the Tanto Strandbad in Södermalm where you can dive into the freshwater from jetties and diving towers. There is also the beautiful rocky beach of Långholmens Strandbad, located close to the Bellman Museum and within reach of ice creams.

But the best place to swim in all of Stockholm is Smedsuddbadet. You can feel sun-kissed on the soft, sandy beach, or take a dive off the jetty and have a refreshing swim in the clear water. There is also a big lawn and it’s a great spot for a picnic or a barbecue.

After a long day at the beach, it is time to head into the centre of Stockholm.

As the sun sets you can grab a bit to eat at one of the city’s many fine eateries, or head into the prestigious Casino Cosmopol Stockholm for a few rounds of Texas Hold’Em, or even see if there is an event on.

The venue often hosts a wide variety of events such as concerts or poker championships and other fun happenings; in fact, the city of Stockholm is no stranger to hosting fun, out-of-the-ordinary poker events. For instance, the time where three poker players had to compete against each other in a series of very unusual tasks.

Stockholm is a melting pot of cultural experiences, ranging from extraordinary theatre experiences. The stunning performance of Valkyrian opens in March at the Royal Opera. There are also many amazing music festivals that take place there during the summer.

Find yourself in Dalarna’s red cottages

The red wooden cottages are a Swedish trademark – and rightfully so – and Dalarna is literally a myriad of these quaint little houses tucked in between glistening, clear lakes, and deep forests.

It is a place where Midsummer is still celebrated in traditional garments and it is the perfect place for hiking, mountain biking, swimming, relaxing, and in the wintertime, it is even a popular skiing destination.

There are plenty of great fishing spots, and kayaks can be rented and lessons can be had before you venture into the mesmerising lakes.

The Southern part of Dalarna is a nature sanctuary and home to a beaver colony, which you will be able to see and possibly get quite close to in a canoe or kayak. The beavers are mostly active in the afternoon and early evening.

Runn is Dalarna’s second-largest lake and it has a stunning beach. The water is perfectly still and clear – ideal for a bit of stand up paddleboarding.

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