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The Small Newbie Business Directory

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Cultural & Social

I Love Venezuela Sweden

Our mission is to create and channel of resources to non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) that contribute to the well-being, human development and social transformation in Venezuela.

Website: |Contact: Wuendy Cárdenas


Lika Olika empowers individuals, groups, and organizations to reach their full potential, put aside differences, and focus together on common goals and to be more tolerant of themselves and others.

Website: | Contact: Mary Juusela

Health & Fitness

Good to Go

The place where you can exercise body and mind, become stronger, and feel better about yourself and your life. We offer self-defense workshops and martial arts practice for adults and kids.

Website: |Contact: Jo Hall

Parents & Kids

Mama Basics

Mama Basics helps breastfeeding moms to feel and look great. We do not compromise on style so moms can look their best while caring for their babies and toddlers. 

Website: | Contact: Anna Xavier


Lisa Ferland Consulting

If you need a bit of hand-holding through the self-publishing or crowdfunding process, then I know that my step-by-step coaching and courses will help you achieve your self-publishing goals.

Website: | Contact: Lisa Ferland

Sigtuna Cykel Fix

Proudly the smallest bike shop in Sigtuna. We take care of wires, casing, tires, brake pads, chain, gearbox, cassette, rollerblades, gearboxes, reflexes, batteries… Anything that needs repair!

Website: |Contact: Nancy Lai

Write in Danderyd

Since my move from the UK to Sweden in 2010, I have created this Marketing agency around the clients I brought with me. Today I offer Digital Marketing services for new local and international clients.

Website: |Contact: Zennie Holmgren

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