11 July, 2018

The Ultimate Tool Guide To Learn Swedish

اللغة السويدية

One of the most frequent questions that we come across is: What’s the best way to learn Swedish? A valid question since there are so many options available that sometimes can be overwhelming to know where to start.  

Even when every one of us has a specific reason to learn the language, there will always be a tool that can be more helpful than others for that specific need. We have gathered our most useful resources to find the best way to learn Swedish for you. 

“Speaking Swedish will improve your understanding of Sweden as a nation. A language is so much more than just words and a lot of a country’s history, habits and cultural values are inherent in the language. Words and sayings are loaded and coded with meaning and associations.” 

Learning on your own 

Did you know that there’s a website with the 1000 most common Swedish words? Perfect if your approach to learning a new language is by using flashcards.  

Not your style? How about learning while playing games? Then Lingio could be for you. 

If what you need is to listen to Swedes speaking, then Say It In Swedish can be your best option!  

For more information on these and other useful websites and apps, this updated post contains information and links when what you need is to start learning Swedish on your own.  


There are many things to say about SFI. The learning experience can be excellent for some and not so much for others. What is important to keep in mind is that SFI is available for free and this is something that should be taken advantage of.  Find all you need to know about SFI, SAS and more here.

Why should you learn Swedish?

 “Learning Swedish (or any other language) will actually make you smarter. Science has shown that people who learn a foreign language acquire a greater cognitive development in terms of mental flexibility, creativity and abstract thinking (like problem-solving, conceptualizing and reasoning).”  Interesting, right? Find out other reasons why you should learn Swedish here.

Important to consider 

Regardless of the method you choose to learn Swedish or any other language, the real key to success is hard work. There are no magical tools that will just work. Learning the theory is just the beginning. Practice and constant work are really what takes you to the next level. 

“Learning a language requires consistency. It is better to do a little bit every day and to keep at it consistently. Try to find a learning habit that you can follow even when you’re tired, sick or madly in love – and stick to it.” 

Do you need motivation to start? Read through this post to find how to make things work for you better here.


Do you have any other tool or method that we can recommend? Let us know in the comments and happy learning!

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