25 April, 2016

Utbildningsradion – a knowledge bank for lifelong learning


Do you want to learn more about the world and at the same time practise and improve your Swedish? Then you should check out Utbildningsradion, UR´s programmes.

The programs of Utbildningsradions cover all sorts of themes (from biology, geography, history, politics & literature and much more) and the programmes are available online for a long time. UR currently has no less than 174 different programmes available on the theme SFI (Swedish for immigrants) and SAS (Swedish as a second language).

We specially recommend the television documentary ” Svenska till varje pris“. In this program we get to follow eight participants from all around the globe who set of to learn Swedish in eight weeks. The participants stay at Bogesund Castle and are taught by two Swedish teachers who bet everything on making the participants pass the final SFI exams after their eight weeks at the Castle.

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One Comment on “Utbildningsradion – a knowledge bank for lifelong learning

30 June, 2016 at 12:49

It would be amazing if there were more new series of this tv show! this one has been seen too often at sfi classes!

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