13 March, 2018

View Of Stockholm From 25 Floors Above


If you have never set your eyes upon a bird’s eye view of Stockholm before and wish to do so, Restaurang Himlen is a great choice. Perched at the top of 25 floors, the sky bar and restaurant boosts an-almost 360 degrees view of Södermalm to the Katrina-Sofia area of the island.

As one may expect, Himlen was not cheap, but if you’ll like to enjoy the view while dining there then doing lunch is good enough. The light is beautiful when it reaches midday and the whole city looks beautiful covered in snow. Our family came for a visit from Singapore recently, and they were impressed by the amazing views. The food was fantastic as well. We ordered a few dishes to try and the one that particularly stood out for me was the deep-fried flounder fish with mashed potato.

It was crispy on the outside, with a nice juicy bite to it. Would highly-recommend you to try if you go there for lunch!

Written by June Low

Hi, I am June and I am a newbie in Sweden! I arrived in Stockholm from Singapore together with my husband and our little French Bulldog named Mochi in March of 2017 and it has been our home sweet home ever since. We’ve just welcomed a little human in our lives, so we’ll be looking forward to more adventures and future travels! Follow me on Instagram @junilicious or our dog @mochifrenchie for more updates!

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