13 August, 2018

Viewpoints in Gothenburg — Part 1


Gothenburg’s charm might be hidden away in alleys, but quite plain to see at Haga, Vasa or Linné. When one walks the side streets and wanders ‘into the wild’, Gothenburg’s beauty is even more stunning. The mix of architecture, which identifies each district is something really beautiful. Have a proper look next time and dare to take a look from a different angle.

Gothenburg offers many things to do, places to see and experience. While sightseeing only takes a couple of days, enjoying its restaurants and cafes will definitely take longer. There is something for everyone. There are many places that even when they are not viewpoints in the classic sense of the word, can offer a fantastic setting to spend a lovely time. Places to enjoy picnics, sunrises, and sunsets. All of it free of charge.

Skansen Kronan

The Skansen Kronan fortress was originally built outside the city walls. Nowadays overlooks the city at the heart of Haga. As it was never attacked, it still pleases with great architecture and of course, offers a wonderful view. Enjoy the uniform red roofs of Haga and the fantastic city views all around.

Röda Sten

Röda Sten is a spot right under the Älvsborgsbrons, at Södra Älvstranden in the district Sandarna. Art lovers will know the place as Röda Sten Konsthall. Food lovers head here for the restaurants alongside the harbour. Bring your own picnic and let your eyes wander from the city over to Lindholmen and Eriksberg to the horizon and the sea. Also, watch the big ships twist and turn into the harbour.


Masthuggskyrkan is a great spot right in town. You do not have to choose between admiring the city or the sea. Here, you can see both depending on where you sit down.  Even when it can be busy all day long, you will always find a quiet spot to enjoy the views.

In general, Gothenburg features more places to visit than days with sunshine for visiting them. As the spots are more beautiful than any picture can ever reveal,  head there, and stay there. Take pictures and share them with others. Make them want to come and visit. Gothenburg is much more than Stockholm’s little sister. Let us know about your favourite spots! Is it Ramberget, Skansen Lejonet, or Guldhedstornet? I will check them out next, so stay tuned.

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Lara Siebert
Hejsan! I am Lara, a German Newbie to Sweden and a recent business studies and German graduate from Mannheim University. Since my semester abroad in Växjö nearly two years ago, Sweden did not let me go, as I always wanted to come back. And now, I finally will: having a bachelor’s degree in my pocket and a bucket list filled with adventures, my first stop will be a three months lasting internship in Gothenburg. As much as I am looking forward to gathering experiences in working life, I am also excited about exploring this great city with all its culture, nature and people. I hope you enjoy my impressions as much as I do. Vi hörs!