19 March, 2020

Want to volunteer or do you need help in Corona times?

We have been getting many questions regarding how one can volunteer in these Corona times? We applaud these initiatives but at the same time, we are reading in the news of criminals taking advantage of elderly and vulnerable people in quarantine or isolation. So how can one help but in a safe way for both the volunteer and the person being helped?

FIKK stands for Frivillia Instates vid Kris och Katastrof (Voluntary Initiatives in Crisis and Disaster and is an NGO that has been growing during the last few years. FIKK has two main areas of focus:

  1. Their work is preventive by collaborating and building relationships with organizations, associations, business and individuals, who want to be a resource in the event of a crisis or disaster.
  2. In special cases, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, FIKK will actively work behind the scenes with service and support. But not in the front line where there are professionals. For example, in the case of a large fire, FIKK volunteers will not act as firefighters but will help with non-firefighter-related tasks by organizing voluntary resources.

What is FIKK doing in Corona times?

The newly launched Facebook group “COVID-19 volunteers in Sweden” has today over 12,000 members. The group was created to help people who cannot or should not leave home.

This could be people affected by COVID-19 and quarantined or people who are isolated to prevent them from getting sick.

FIKK has chosen to support the practical work on deliveries of food, supplies and medicines. If you want to volunteer as a volunteer, you can register in the app which can be downloaded here.

How does that app work?

When someone needs help, a text message and a push note are sent out via the app to all volunteers in the area where the needy are located, then notify in the app if one is available.

FIKK then selects one of those who have replied that they want to help. Whoever is selected receives information on the delivery address and navigation via the app.

But how is this safe?

FIKK is the guarantor of the transaction so that there is no risk that the needy will not get their delivery or that the volunteer needs to hand out money before getting their items. During the assignment, the volunteer is insured by the insurance company IF via FIKK.

How do I ask for help?

To ask for help, fill in this form on FIKKs website. Visit this link or call FIKK on 010 – 55 11 880.

How can I volunteer?

Download the app IRO Rescue and start helping.

Stay updated regarding the Coronavirus crisis here

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