20 August, 2015

Welcome to the Newbie Blog

Hej and Welcome to the Newbie Blog! As you might already have noticed, this website is divided into different sections. You have the information section – with all the core information about how to take on life as a Newbie in Sweden. Then you have the community – where you can find others in the same situation as you and where you can air your questions, joys and sorrows. And then, last but not least, you have the Newbie Blog!

Our hope and intention with the Newbie Blog is to give you a more personal view on Newbie life. Here you get a couple of different bloggers that will highlight and cover different parts of Newbie life matters.

I will focus on social matters – like Newbie relevant news, laws, and concepts. I will scan the daily news and pick out the important stuff for you and try to explain it in an understandable and hopefully interesting way.

See you around!

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Isadora Spoerer
Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. I´m convinced that what we do today shape the world of tomorrow. It is our responsibility to build the world we want to live in. I studied philosophy and political science in Stockholm and Berlin. And here at the Newbie Guide I blog about social matters – mostly Newbie relevant news and political events.

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