17 April, 2019

Why ‘When the Clock Strikes’ is a must-have for your child this spring

You won’t regret buying this book about Halloween for your child this spring. Why? Because, no matter if you like ghosts, pumpkins or dress-ups, your child will learn a lot from When the Clock Strikes on Halloween – especially about learning to tell time.

Created with Lisa Ferland

As a parent, you’ll find inside not only a great story but also (and most importantly) a cultural lesson, rhyming patterns and a great tool to learn to tell time, all hidden between the lines, so your child can learn and have fun at the same time. Sounds good? Read an interview with Lisa, the author of When the Clock Strikes and see where can you order the book.

Who are you and why have you decided to publish a book about the American Halloween in Sweden?

I’m Lisa Ferland and I changed careers from the public health sector to the creative arts/writing and publishing sector when we moved to Sweden from the US. 

My writing has evolved from documenting our lives in Sweden as foreigners to being inspired by all that’s around me which is a lot of Swedish folklore of elves, witches, and spirits.

Now that my kids are entering the Swedish school system after years of förskola, I’m discovering that there are cultural gaps in their education. As parents, we need to provide the non-Swedish practice of our family holidays and traditions. 

My new illustrated children’s book series, When the Clock Strikes, was inspired by a conversation I had with my seven-year-old son. Last year, we had a conversation about all of the spooky things that happen on Halloween night and together, we wrote the rhymes for everything that happens on Halloween.

Since Halloween is a relatively new holiday in Sweden, we see the classic ghosts, witches, and zombies. This classic celebration of the Halloween spirit inspired the book as well as my kids’ inability to tell analog time. Teachers are always struggling with new ways to introduce time telling concepts to kids and the book was born.

The next book will focus on the different ways Christmas is celebrated around the world but the first book has this fun Halloween theme that kids love year-round.

Lisa with her son

How is the book supporting children’s development?

Parents with kids between the ages of 4-8 years will really get the most out of the book but it’s enjoyable at every age. The large clock on each page introduces kids to numbers and the rhyming pattern helps them learn to read and speak English.

Children enjoying the book 🙂

Where can you order the book and why is it a good investment?

The book is available now for pre-order with extra bonus rewards on Kickstarter

Through this campaign, I’m offering the eBook, a fun and educational activity workbook PDF, and video reading of the book with every pre-order of the paperback.

When the Clock Strikes on Halloween has been tested by two kindergartens, a first-grade class, and a third-grade class in the US and received enthusiastic reviews and feedback from all of the kids and teachers. 

Buying the book during this pre-order phase is the only way to get all of the extras included in the purchase. Ordering during the Kickstarter campaign gives readers the best value for their money.

The cover of When the Clock Strikes On Halloween

You can learn more at or head over to

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