8 March, 2019

Women in Tech: The Newbie Story

Natalle is a newbie from Brazil who came to Sweden 2 years ago. She decided to become a programmer. Read her story and see how she joined other women in tech and changed her previous career.

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Natalle Moura

Natalle’s Story

Natalle is a recent graduate of two 3-month courses offered by Smart Coding – a Beginner Software Developer and a Junior Full-Stack Web Developer, both dedicated to women who want to change their careers and move to IT sector. When I asked her what advice she would have given herself before the course, she said:

Don’t be too judgmental. It’s a learning process. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, except the person that you were yesterday.

Natalle is a linguist and she works as an interpreter. The fluency in English and Portuguese and natural fondness for computers was a perfect combination to become a programmer. It wasn’t easy, but she received great support from her teachers and other women who were studying with her. She has also gotten a lot of advice from her husband who works as a programmer.

I was working actively every day. Programming develops my logical thinking and reminds me of any other language I know. It is just a different way of thinking. You make the computer do what you want it to do. During the courses, I’ve learnt the basics of two languages: JavaScript, which we use for front end and Python, which we use for back end.

In JavaScript you can create all that you see when you look at a website and with Python you build a structure. These languages are almost ‘human readable’ and that makes it even more interesting.

Looking for a career change?

As long as you have your personnummer and you are fluent in English, you can send in your application. The recruiters will initially test your logical thinking and mathematical skills. Then it is time for the interview to see if your proficiency in English is good enough to take the course and try to learn more about the candidate. The courses are free of charge. After graduation from the junior level, Smart Coding will help you find your first internship and later on connect you with potential employers.

Credits: Smart Coding

It is obvious that Natalle is passionate about her new career and after two intense back to back courses and a new job path ahead of her I was curious as to what she feels about this new world she’s entering.

Sweden is in constant need of programmers. IT is one of the most male-dominated branches and the fact that you’ve just begun doesn’t make it easier. They say that a woman must be twice as good as a man to get the same job. In IT, I would say, you actually must be three times better.

But it is changing, thanks to organizations like Pink Programming, Django Girls and women from the IT field opening their arms and bringing new opportunities by teaching the art of coding and pointing the right path for us.  On the other hand, IT is one of the most accepting and open branches for those who don’t speak Swedish, as the programming languages base on English. That is our big advantage.

Smart Coding is a startup founded by two women. It was inspired by their personal expierience of how difficult it was to get into programming in Sweden as an international woman. Now Despina Stamkou and Margareta Kowalska provide the courses tailored specifically for women expats.
The next application opening for the Junior Full-Stack Web Dev course is on March 9th. Don’t miss your chance to participate in their free-of-charge courses and check more details and apply at the Smart Coding website.

Credits: Smart Coding
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