Staffing agencies

Staffing agencies/ وكالات التوظيف

One way into the Swedish work market can be through a staffing agency. About 1,4 % of the total workforce in Sweden is employed through a staffing agency and this employment form has become increasingly popular over the last years.

Staffing agencies are mostly specialised on a certain work fields, making it possible for certain professions to find work through them.

However, it’s good to keep in mind that this way of working comes with certain downsides. You are never sure when and where you are supposed to work and you are always the “new girl” or “new guy” at each work place. This might not be a problem for some, while others might find it annoying and stressful. Working through a staffing agency can, however, be a good starting point and a way into the Swedish labour market.

Staffing Agencies

There are many staffing agencies in Sweden and this is a short list with the biggest and most common ones. You find a link to an expanded list with (almost) all the staffing agencies in Sweden below. Remember to look for staffing agencies that specialize on your profession.  Note that all sites are in Swedish.

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Staffing agencies in Sweden

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