There is no good way to loose your employment. But there are better and worse ways. The better way is called uppsägning, the worse way is called avskedad.

The Good Way

If you are uppsagd you will receive full salary during your whole notice period – uppsägningstid and you will also have accesses to all other work benefits that you might already have. Getting uppsagd does not necessarily mean that you’ve done something wrong.

Usually uppsägning is due to work or financial shortage within the company where you work; circumstances you cannot influence and that have little to do with your performance at work. 

Getting uppsagd is therefore not necessarily something that will affect your future employments negatively.

Note: you can get uppsagd if you repeatedly fail to meet the agreements in your contact.  

The Bad Way

Getting avskedad is another story. If you are avskedad, you have to leave your work immediately and you won’t be able to claim the right to salaries or benefits.

Getting avskedad is unusual and mostly happens when you’ve made yourself guilty of physical abuse, threats of violence, theft, misappropriation, unfair competition, or refusal to work.

Getting avskedad is not a good thing, and it will affect your search for future employments negatively.

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