A-kassa temporary rules

A-kassa temporary rules due to covid-19

The current COVID-19 pandemic influences our everyday lives in more ways than one and this is also the case with A-kassa temporary rules due to covid-19.

During times like these, we all need economic stability and the certainty that our financial needs will be fulfilled so we can focus on our physical and mental health. (Read more about how to stay healthy and boost your immune system in our blog post here.)

The Swedish A-Kassa – the unemployment insurance – has recently presented several major changes that will smooth the process of applying for unemployment benefits. At the same time, it makes the benefits more approachable for everyone.

A-kassa temporary rules due to covid-19

Please note that all changes are only temporary and always follow the latest updates on your A-kassa website.

Higher payment

If you worked full-time between the period of 13th April 2020 – 3rd January 2021, you can be entitled up to 26 400 SEK per month if you fulfil the conditions for the income-related unemployment benefit.

If you fulfil only the base conditions, you can receive up to 11 220 SEK per month. Find out more about the base conditions for the benefit under this link.

Money from day one

Between the period of 30th March 2020 – 31st January 2021, you are entitled to your unemployment money already from day one of your unemployment. In the previous rules, you had six working days without the benefit.

Four months for one month membership

Every month of membership in the A-kassa during the period between March- December 2020 is now counted as four months. That means you can get up to 80% of your salary already after the 3 months membership in the A-kassa.

Easier for the self-employed

Good news from the A-kassa to the company owners. Your company can be on hold during 2020 without influencing your future unemployment benefit. Usually, you would have to work at least 5 years in your company in order to be entitled to the benefit.

If you are forced to close your company completely, you are entitled to the benefits as well.

Work amount reduced

Work amount needed for the benefit has been reduced from 80 hours to 60 hours per month under the last 12 months.

For part-time workers, it is 40 hours per month or 420 hours in total, during the period of the six months.

In case of specific questions always consult with your respective A-kassa. If you are not a member yet, contact the A-kassa that is relevant for your profession. If uncertain, use our Newbie guidelines.

For more detailed information, please visit the government official page. Please note that all the information is in Swedish.

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