SWENCL: Sweden’s Engineers Club

Are you a newbie and an engineer? Then you should definitely check out SWENCL. Sweden’s Engineers Club is a fairly new initiative for engineers in Sweden to create  an opportunity for networking between native and newly arrived engineers in Sweden.

SWENCL is based in Stockholm and offers physical meet ups in the Stockholm area but it is mainly a digital network so it doesn’t actually matter where in Sweden you live. As long as you are an engineer, you are welcome to join their network.

SWENCL has an admirable goal:

We believe in network! We work together with passion, respect and humility to achieve our goal to develop an engineering network contributes to diversity, inclusion and sustainability for our society.

What SWENCL can help you with

SWENCL works in four main areas; Meeting, Growing, Connecting and Learning:

Meeting: Engineer Guide

Here they create meetings between established and new arriving engineers with the aim to make easier ways to integration in Sweden.

Growing: Professional Network

Through SWENCL you join a professional online network on social media which will give you more access to opportunities within your field.

Connecting: Digital activities

SWENCL offers seminars, webinars and workshops online in order to reach their members everywhere in Sweden.

Learning: Sharing knowledge

An important part of the network is to share knowledge and experience with the other members of the network in order to create a smoother path to a good job and career in Sweden.

Join the SWENCL network

If you are an engineer, you can join their network here.

Make sure you also follow them on their social channels:

Are you not an engineer? Don’t worry, there are other networking opportunities for you.

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