I’m a Newbie – can I find work in Sweden?

newbie work

Making it on the Swedish work market as a Newbie isn’t always easy. It usually takes a Newbie about six to seven years to enter the Swedish work market. 

Of the European countries, only Spain, Greece and Belgium are slower at getting their Newbies to work. Why is this so? Well, that is a good question. One explanation could be that Sweden historically has  been generous in welcoming Newbies but that the integration part – the part of making it possible for Newbies to enter the work market and really become an integrated member of the society – has lagged behind.

This is of course a frustrating situation for Newbies who are eager to get started with their new life. But, it isn’t all dark clouds. The need for better integration has reached the consciousness of all society.

Resources – like money, time and effort – are being invested into initiatives with the aim to improve the integration of Newbies.

There is also an increasing consciousness about the fact that Newbies are needed; the Swedish population is getting older and the following generations won’t be able to support Sweden on their own. Sweden is in that sense dependent on Newbies wanting to come. Remember this when you approach the Swedish labour market:  you are needed! 

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