21 January, 2019

World Cancer Day

February 4 is the official World Cancer Day. On this day and age is very likely that all of us know someone who is or has been afflicted by cancer. There are many factors that can contribute to be affected by cancer but it is important to know that around a third of cancer cases can be prevented by modifying our lifestyle.  

What is cancer? 

According to the Union for International Cancer Control “Cancer is a disease which occurs when changes in a group of normal cells within the body lead to uncontrolled, abnormal growth forming a lump called a tumour; this is true of all cancers except leukemia (cancer of the blood). If left untreated, tumours can grow and spread into the surrounding normal tissue, or to other parts of the body via the bloodstream and lymphatic systems, and can affect the digestive, nervous and circulatory systems or release hormones that may affect body function.” 


There are many causes for cancer to happen in the human body, however, it is known that there are non-modifiable risk factors such as: 

  • Age 
  • Cancer causing substances (cancerogenic) 
  • Genetics  
  • The immune system 

There are other factors that are modifiable. Focusing on these can make a big difference between being affected by cancer or not. The following are risk factors that we have the opportunity to modify in our lives to above all, live a healthier life:

  • Alcohol consumption 
  • Having a healthy body weight 
  • Diet and nutrition 
  • Physical activity 
  • Tobacco consumption 
  • Radiation exposure 
  • Work place hazards 
  • Infection  

Cancer in Sweden 

In Sweden, the most common types of cancer are: prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer and lung cancer. There are programs available to help with the early detection of cancer such as screening tests, mammography and PSA test for prostate cancer. However, the most important part on any early detection system depends directly on us. Knowing our bodies, constantly checking for any abnormality and reporting it as soon as possible to the doctor.

There are fantastic resources online with useful information regarding cancer. From prevention to treatment. In Sweden, there are organizations that dedicate their work to research, treatment and help for people going through life with cancer.  

Resources and helpful sites

Vårguiden provides useful information about cancer and what the steps to follow to care for it. Find more here.

Kraften Hus – Located in Boras, Kraften Hus is available to anyone who is in any way concerned by cancer, as a patient, relative or a friend.

Cancerfonden – The Cancer Foundation goal is that fewer people suffers from cancer and more survive through financing research and spreading knowledge. Learn more about them and help directly on their website.

Socialstyrelsen -The National Board of Health and Welfare’s website has plenty of interesting information related to cancer. From statistics, research and general facts about cancer in Sweden.

Chalmers – Support Centre Article on Kraftens Hus 

World Cancer Day – The main website to find updated information about cancer.

We highly recommend reading Betül’s story by our Newbie blogger Sara Costa. Her story gives us an insight into what is dealing with cancer when moving to Sweden. Find it here.

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