Dealing with cancer in Sweden – Betül’s story

Betül is the most generous, positive and wonderful person that I have ever crossed paths with and I consider myself lucky for having met her. She is a proud scientist at Chalmers and she loves Sweden and her life in Gothenburg. She is also a Newbie like many of us.  Imagine you just moved to […]

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How to prevent from tick-borne diseases

Finally, summer and time to enjoy the outdoors! But it is also time for protection.   This is because summer is also the time when tick-borne infections such as TBE (tick-borne encephalitis) and Borrelia (Lyme Borrelios) get more common. Here is some useful information about both. Quick facts about TBE (from TBE is spreading both […]

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Stay healthy in expensive Stockholm

Health and fitness are very important to me, so when I moved to Stockholm I wanted to continue with my healthy habits like running, going to the gym, doing yoga and eating healthy. Many people were walking around in sports clothes, and there are small healthy eco food shops everywhere! You’d think that being healthy […]

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Moving abroad with a disability

Leaving your homeland behind and moving to a new country can be a daunting experience. However it can be even more frightening for a person with a disability.  The Swedish Government’s disability policy aims to give equal access and participation to people with disabilities to all that Swedish society has to offer on the same […]

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Healthcare for asylum seekers

healthcare for asylum seekers

Your right to medical and dental care in Sweden as an asylum seeker depends on your age. Asylum seeking children (under the age of 18) have more or less the same rights to medical and dental care as any other child living in Sweden.  Adults seeking asylum in Sweden however, are only entitled to limited […]

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