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Network Your Way to a Job in Sweden

Networking is incredibly important in Sweden. This course teaches you the secrets about Swedish networking culture. Get results FAST using our high-level techniques.

Business Behavior

A guide to Swedish business culture and behavior

Behaving well in business is internationally important but what is considered good business behavior changes between countries and cultures. 


Get the salary you deserve

Use the same negotiation techniques and long-term strategies as your Swedish peers to get paid what you deserve.

Moving to Sweden with pets

Moving to Sweden with pets

Planning to bring your pet to Sweden but not sure about how it works? This course gives you the ins and outs of moving with your pet.

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Very important information for newbies (and also oldies) to understand the rules for salary negotiations in the Swedish workplace and to avoid frustration and disappointment.

Francisco Vilaplana

Get the salary you deserve
Everything you need to know in one place! I really recommend this course, it has everything you need to know for your move. It's well done and it contains nice tips for the newbies.

Valeria Vitale

Preparing your move to Sweden
This is an excellent course for complete beginners in Swedish language apprenticeship and for those who are trying to figure out how the whole language learning related system functions in Sweden.

Ariunzaya Boldbaatar

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Why Newbie Learn?

Moving to Sweden isn't easy. Moving to ANY country isn't easy. We know, most of us have been there as well. And it can be hard to know exactly what information is is that you need to find out and act on. This is why we created Newbie Learn. At Newbie Learn we have created the courses we wish we had when we made our move to Sweden. We've collected our best tips and useful information in to what we hope are good bite sized chunks of knowledge. Enjoy!