The small town of Växjö


Sweden is full of little gems. Even when most people know about Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö, there are places such as Växjö that maybe don’t ring a bell right away. However, if you know about Småland, IKEA, Astrid Lindgren or the traditional Swedish art of glass making, then you know about Växjö.    I have to be honest, […]

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Swedish student aid, CSN

Did you know that Swedes are paid to study in Sweden? And did you know that you might be too? Centrala Studiestödsnämnden, CSN awards no less than 23 billion SEK in student aid. Thereby making it possible for 900,000 students a year to pursue their studies, regardless of their social, economic or geographic background. What […]

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Wemi, Nigeria

Wemi swapped Nigeria for Sweden in 2014. She has a background in Engineering and is soon to start a graduate program. She is currently living in Umeå with her husband. The reason that got them both here was that Wemis husband had gotten a doctoral position at Umeå University. Since the doctoral was estimated to take […]

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