Are you an Oldbie or a Newbie?


Newbies are all the brave people who come to Sweden to start a life here. They come from all around the world. With different abilities and possibilities. An Oldbie is a Swedish person either because they were born in Sweden or have lived so long here that they have fully adopted the Swedish lifestyle.

Some come for work, some come studies, some come for family and other because they aren’t safe in their own country. 

However, the common thing for most Newbies is is that they are bold. They have left that place they called home. They’ve all left well-known streets and faces, familiar concepts and habits and exchanged it for a new and often baffling way of living and being. This is a courageous stepA challenging task.

On the other hand, an Oldbie is a person familiar with the concepts of the Swedish way of being. An Oldbie might or might not have been born in Sweden – however, an Oldbie would probably define her or himself as Swedish – at least to some extent.

On this website, Oldbies are happy to share their experiences with Newbies and we recommend that you take the time to visit the Oldbie blog. Most Oldbies have made a lot of mistakes when they first arrived and you can save yourself a lot of confusion and time by reading about their experiences. 

Our wish with this website is to offer support in this beautiful yet often challenging processes.  So welcome and good luck. 

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