Get to Know Swedish Children’s Book Icons

If you had just moved to Sweden, with small kids, it’s just a matter of time until your kids gushing about the character in Swedish children’s books relentlessly. Like me, three years back, you may never have heard some of them before. So here I compile the list of Swedish children’s books icons you may […]

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5 Answers to Working in Sweden

You are looking for a job in Sweden? Familiarise yourself with the Swedish job market and assess your chances of employment with these 5 answers to working in Sweden. 1. What is the current economic situation? From 2014 to 2018, Sweden enjoyed a steady growth of 3%. However, in its latest report, Arbetsformedlingen, the national […]

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Coronavirus: Build your immunity!

There is heated debate (strange to describe anything that happens in Sweden as ‘heated’) about the Swedish government’s strategy concerning coronavirus. Here, ‘vi tar det lungt’ – we are taking it easy compared to our European neighbors. But this article is not about doubting or double-guessing. It is about the crucial thing which somehow seems […]

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