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This Side of Covid19

For a while now I wanted to write about living in Sweden during the Covid19 pandemic from a Newbie perspective. I hesitated doing so publicly for fear of being judged, criticized and shamed. If I am completely honest with myself, at the root of my wavering is a simple and obvious reason: guilt. As I […]

Fighting Food Waste

Food plays a major role in human health and it is an important part of cultural identity as well. However, what we eat and how we eat has a big impact on the environment and food waste has become a widely discussed theme in the past decade. Reducing food waste is absolutely essential, especially if […]

Swedish Comfort Food

I am intrigued by the concept of comfort food, and I had to ask several native English speakers, native food comforters about the topic. In Swedish, there is one seemingly fitting equivalent, which is tröstäter, ‘comfort eating’ or ‘consolation eating’, but this leads us in the wrong direction. Is there such a thing as Swedish […]

How to adapt your CV to the Swedish job market

Welcome to Sweden! If you have applied for international roles before, you will probably find that the recruitment process is very similar in this country. As for your CV, the structure and the content are common to many other nations, but there are a few local subtleties. In this article, I cover the main points […]

The dos and don’ts of a Swedish workplace

A dear friend of mine has landed a good job here in Stockholm. She is not Swedish, but from a southern European country, she speaks excellent English, good Swedish and she is nice and smart and fairly well integrated into Swedish society. It’s been a long way to get here, but she is there now, […]

Impress your Swedish friends with these similes

Learning a new language can feel incredibly unrewarding at times. However much you study and interact with native speakers, there are only so many words you can learn each day. Bored with basic Swedish? As you master increasingly higher levels, those words will make up a decreasing proportion of your vocabulary: when you are a […]

Corporate fika turned a domestic affair

A full week of Teams-Zoom-Hangouts-Meet-Skype-Slack and Friday is coming up. Time to slow down, you think, but your Swedish colleagues have a different opinion. Friday is the very culmination of the week and an opportunity to get high on sugar after a full five days of Lutheran discipline. Forget about casual Friday In normal times, […]

Socializing in Sweden

For a person with a non-Scandinavian background, with no knowledge of the Swedish language, coming to Sweden and settling down could be a bit difficult. Especially if you are coming here for work or moving with your family. This becomes a much more overwhelming experience if you are arriving in Sweden during the winter months […]

Student accommodation with the Smart Hotel

Are you a new student in Stockholm looking for student accommodation? Then you may already have noticed that it can be difficult to quickly find a place to stay for a reasonable and affordable price. This is when a temporary housing solution like Ett Smart Hotel can bridge you over until you find a more […]

5 Tips for Moving to Sweden with Kids

Created by Martha Moore Whether you’ve purchased your plane tickets and started packing, or you’re just thinking about it, moving to Sweden is a big deal. If you have children, it’s an even bigger deal! I know because our family has been there. In August 2019, my husband and I hopped on a plane from […]

A Farewell Note

It was all started in one of those dark and gloomy days in November 2017. During a regular browse on the Internet, I came across this announcement in The Newbie Guide to Sweden website where they’re looking for a volunteer blogger. It was naturally interesting for me because the writing was the thing I wanted […]

In praise of Swedish tacos

I have all the Mexicans, and all other sensible people out there, screaming at me through their screens now, but I’m afraid Sweden has claimed and appropriated tacos. This is old news, I assume, but this blog post is to confirm it: there is no food more Swedish than tacos. What does gunpowder have to […]

Inkassokrav: A Gym Case

Autumn is here and soon it will be winter. To several, this is a time to make subscriptions to new services like gym, to compensate for the changing seasons. With subscriptions, of any kind, it is always good to know the exit strategy. I use the gym subscription example because I found it to be […]

The Nobel Prize

Sweden is famous for its coffee/Fika culture, rich heritage, and also as the land where Alfred Nobel was born on 21 October 1833. He laid the foundation for the Nobel prizes in his last will. The prizes are given to people for their exemplary contributions in the fields of physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, […]

Can anyone do Synchronized Swimming?

When you hear the words “Synchronized Swimming” do they conjure up images of Ester Williams circa 1950 or the Russian Olympic team in 2016 with their gravity-defying flips and incomprehensible ability to hold their breath?  Well, I’m about to meet some real live synchronized swimmers in Lund, in the south of Sweden and find out […]

3 Month Reflection: Get Out, Get Involved, Get Cozy

I’ve been in Sweden for exactly three months now, and it’s starting to feel like home. Moving to a new country can be intimidating and scary. However, it is also an exciting opportunity to stretch one’s comfort zone, meet new people and develop new perspectives. To ensure a smooth transition to a new country, my motto […]

What should you expect at a job interview in Sweden?

Well done! You made it through the first step of the recruitment process and have secured an interview. How do you prepare? What can you expect? Based on discussions with recruiters and HR managers, and my own experience, here are a few pointers to help you get ready. Disclaimer: these are general tendencies, I can’t […]

Autumn Best Spots in Lund

Every season has its own charm but for me there’s something about autumn that enchanting like no other season. The crisp breeze. The sweetness in the air. The amazing colours when every leaf is a flower as Albert Camus puts it. Maybe that’s just because I’m a hopeless romantic by nature. But regardless of your […]

September – Time for the Swedish Forest

Whereas water dominates the summer months in Sweden, come September it’s time to pivot inland towards the forest and all its hidden delights. Time for exercise more rigorous than lolling in a boat or on one of the archipelago’s myriad islands with walking opportunities unbounded, but also for some really good, earthy hunter-gathering. This is […]

Fun and Interesting Things to Do in Malmö

Advertised by Poker Stars Casino Malmö is the biggest city in the county of Skåne and third biggest in the entire country. It offers a mix of modern facilities and architecture and historic buildings and structures that give the city a certain charm.  Located in the south of Sweden, Malmö is more than six hours […]