Newbie Stories

You may think that no one else knows what it’s like to be a newcomer. But you are not alone. Plenty of people have come before you and here they share their stories.

Barbara, Italy

Barbara has been in Sweden since 2016. Her favourite Swedish words are “passa på” and “lagom”. When we asked what brought her to Sweden, she told us it was friendship and love. 

Barbara's story
Kholiud, Lebanon

We came as asylum seekers as me and my husband had done a silent revolution against the regime. But because of this, we were threatened to death and had to flee.

Kholiud's story
Liam, Syria

Liam is currently studying an international baccalaureate in Västerås. He is one of our star volunteers, who patiently translate the best content of the Newbie Guide to Arabic! 

Liam´s story
Odra, Guatemala

Odra is from Guatemala and came to Sweden as she had fallen in love with Tomas, an amazing Swedish guy.We started by asking her what she found hard to adjust to. 

Odras story
Sriram, India

Sriram is a post-doctoral researcher from India who arrived in Sweden in 2016. After completing his PhD in Taiwan his interest to learn new things brought him to Sweden.

Srirams story
Maria, Ukraine

After exploring different universities and countries, I fell in love with Sweden; 1.5 months later I got on a train to a little town in the middle of Sweden.

Marias story
Sanjoo, India

Sanjoo is a 44 year old concept developer, event organizer, food teacher and tour guide to India, who’s lived in Sweden for 18 years.

Sanjoos story
Orlande, France

“No matter one’s country culture, I believe there are always challenges in sharing your life with someone, there will always be some compromise to be made.”

Orlande's story
Natália, Brazil

Natalia likes to say that she parachuted in to Sweden because everything was very fast, like ”3, 2, 1, jump!”

Natália's story
Francisco, Spain

Francisco is an associate professor at KTH and an avid lover of Melodifestivalen. He is from Spain and came to Sweden 8 years ago.

Francisco story
Wafa, Yemen

“The maternity healthcare is one of the best things in Sweden. I’m blessed to have my first baby here”.

Wafa's story
Adrian, The Netherlands

Adrian has lived in Sweden for a long time and remembers finding it hilarious that Swedish people sometimes queue without a reason.

Adrians story
Cristina, Italy

Cristina is from Italy and came to Stockholm as an au pair in November 2015 and has experienced her first Swedish winter.

Cristinas story
Katrina, Philippines

Katrina arrived in Stockholm in June 2009 when the summer had just begun, searching to explore the world.

Katrinas story
Eric, USA

“Sweden is a system, like a machine. So many of the small every day annoyances are not an issue because the machine manages them.”

Erics story
Susana, Bolivia

“I was hopeful and exited about the new place. My father is a missionary and we used to move every year when I was little.”

Susanas story
Rawa, Syria

Rawa arrived in Sweden two years ago. Back in Syria, she was leading a happy life, working as an teacher and enjoying life with her family.

Rawas story
Si Na, Afghanistan

Si Na came to Sweden at the age of 15 after a long journey just in the company of another teenager.

Si Na's story
Petya, Bulgaria

Petya came to Sweden in 2014. She is a twice re-located Bulgarian and devoted art lover. We started by asking her how she came to Sweden.

Petyas story
Alessandro, Italy

Alessandro is a freelance translator who studied Scandinavian Studies at the University and moved to Stockholm after his degree.

Alessandros story
Maud, Switzerland

Maud is from Switzerland and had planned to go to Finland. But life took an unexpected turn and she’s been 5 years in Sweden.

Mauds story
Fran Aleo, Spain

Fran is a computer science engineer and entrepreneur from Barcelona. He came to Sweden in 2008 and is one of the founders of Easy Rental.

Frans story
Garance, France

Garance is a data scientist that came to study, lured by a general interest in Scandinavian culture and society.

Garances story
Mahmoud, Syria

Mahmoud is 24 year old who fled from Syria to avoid being forced into being a soldier for any of the different fighting groups.

Mahmouds story
Livia, USA

Livia came to Sweden in 2014. She is originally from Florida but married a Swedish guy and decided to give Sweden a try. This is her story.

Livias story
Vincent, Australia

Vincent has always wanted to live in Europe. Whilst traveling in Sweden he came across a new work place and was sold!

Vincents story
Mulgeta, Eritrea

Mulgeta came to Sweden after a journey that took him on the roads of Sudan and Libya and over the Mediterranean Sea in a small boat.

Mulgetas story
Rona, UK

Rona came to Sweden 12 years ago to do a PhD at Karolinska Institute and was then offered her dream job – so she decided to stay.

Ronas story
Pavel, Russia

Pavel is an artist, photographer, translator, travel writer, PR consultant, blogger and navel fluff collector who’s lived in Sweden for 6 years.

Pavel story
Julia, USA

“I enjoy not feeling as objectified as a woman when out in the streets as I do in the US, and I appreciate the balance of responsibility between mothers and fathers.”

Julias story
Neil, UK

Neil met a Swede and moved to be with him. The idea was to come for one year but one year became two, then 5 and now 20!

Neils story
Wemi, Nigeria

Wemi swapped Nigeria for Sweden in 2014. She has a background in Engineering and is currently living in Umeå with her husband.

Wemi's story