Get social & connected

Making friends will make a lot of difference when you move to a new country. But it can be hard to know where to start. Here you find a number of different initiatives and organizations who aim to help you get social. And it’s free to participate in all these events.

The Swedish Red Cross

The Swedish Red Cross is present at more than 80% of all refugee camps in Sweden. They have many activities and support for asylum seekers and migrants.

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Nya Kompisbyrån

Kompisbyrån brings Swedes together with Newbies for a fika (coffee).

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Panion is an app that helps like-minded people to find each other.

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Individuell Människohjälp, IM

Individuell Människohjälp helps newcomers find their way into Swedish society and the Swedish language.

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Little Bear Abroad

Littlebearabroad helps international families feel at home in Sweden by organizing events and meet ups.

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Internationella Bekantskaper

Internationella Bekantskaper offer support for Newbies who are learning Swedish.

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Kompis Sverige

Kompis Sverige matches Swedes with Newbies, with the aim of creating lasting friendships.

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Skåne Networking Community

Skåne Networking Community has a mission to share all the information and tips that help internationals network in Sweden. 

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