Learning a language is a remarkable experience. It is a bit like revealing a mystery. Each word will bring you closer to the revelation. Just like magic. But learning a language is also a long process that will require hard work. Some would say it is a life long process. 

Where to learn Swedish

There are a wide variety of alternatives to learn Swedish and here we have written down the most common.

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Why learn Swedish?

Why learn Swedish? It’s a tiny language and is it really worth the effort? Well the short answer is YES and this is why.

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How to learn Swedish

Learning a language is fun, if you do it the right way. Here we have gathered some tips and tricks to help you along the way.

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Swedish Language Tests

There are many reasons to take a Swedish test and there are a variety of language tests to meet your different needs.

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Swedish for Higher Education

Entering any institution of higher education in Sweden will require documented Swedish skills and there are two options for you.

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Swedish Spelling Software

Spelling in Swedish is a challenge and if your trusty Swedish speaking friend can’t help you there are good spelling softwares to use.

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Swedish student aid, CSN

The Swedish National Board of Student Aid (Centrala Studiestödsnämnden, CSN) is in charge of everything concerning the Swedish student aid.

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