The Refugee Guide to Sweden

Seeking asylum in Sweden? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here you find information about your rights and obligations. However: note that regulations change so you should always turn to the Swedish Migration Agency for the latest information.

Apply for asylum

Once you arrive in Sweden you must apply for asylum. You do so at any of the Swedish Migrations Agency’s units.

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Swedish for asylum seekers

Learning the Swedish language is important. As an asylum seeker you can either study on your own or join some Swedish courses.

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Work & financial support

Here you find information about your possibilities to work and do internships in Sweden.

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Housing options

As an asylum seeker in Sweden you can either choose to live at a reception unit or arrange housing on your own.

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Healthcare for asylum seekers

Your right to healthcare depends on your age: asylum seeking minors has usually more rights to healthcare in Sweden than adults.

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Make friends

Feeling lonely? Here you find organisations that offer support and specialize in connecting newcomers with locals.

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