Emergency? Call 112!

حالة طوارئ؟ اتصل بالرقم ١١٢

Fire? Accident? Urgent illness? Call 112 if you, or someone else, ends up in an emergency situation. By calling the number 112 (also called SOS ALARM) you can get help from ambulance, fire brigade or police. You can call 112 from any landline or mobile phone.

Note: emergency calls can be made when other calls can’t (e.g. due to bad coverage or lack of funds).

You have a duty to warn and call for help

You are – according to Swedish lay – obligated to warn and call for help. This obligation applies to cases of fire, acute illness or accidents that involve danger for someone’s health and life. You are obliged to warn the persons(s) in danger and call for necessary help.

Talking to the 112

When you call 112, you will be asked a couple of questions. Each conversation follows the same pattern. The purpose of the questions is to determine the level and nature of help needed. Try to stay calm and answer the questions as precise as possible.

The questions asked are:

  • What has happened? (Fire? Accident? Illness?)
  • Where is the help needed? (Location)
  • Who is calling? (You don’t have to answer this question and you can be anonymous if you wish)
  • What phone number are you calling from?
  • In case of injury or illness they will ask you about the damage and the condition of the person injured:
    • Unconscious? Cramping?
    • Indoor? Outdoor?
    • Name, gender and age

Don’t hang up!

The operator might need more information from you and can also give advice on what to do and how to act – so don’t hang up.


All SOS ALARM operators speak Swedish and English and are trained to speak with people in emergency situations. SOS ALARM also has interpreters. However, this service is only available during daytime (Monday to Friday).

Remember that it is your duty to warn and call for help, not just morally but also legally – so it is always better to call 112 than not to call at all.

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