Health Care Guarantee

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Sweden has something called health care guarantee – vårdgarantin. This guarantee grants you the right to specialist treatment within 90 days, primary in your own county council and if that isn’t possible – in another county council.

When does it apply? And how does it work?

The national health care guarantee – vårdgarantin, applies when you are given a referral – remiss, to a clinic in your country council. It grants you the right to receive necessary treatment within 90 days.

This means that you will have to wait a maximum of 90 days for an appointment at a specialist clinic or any type of surgery.

The guarantee does only apply as long as you stay in your own county council. The guarantee does not apply, if you choose to treat yourself in another county council. Your waiting time will then be determined on the urgency of your medical needs (which might then be longer than 90 days).

However, you are entitled to seek treatment in another county council, if your waiting period is likely to exceed the time limit of 90 days. Your county will then cover all related costs and expenses (like travel costs etc.).

Who is responsible for you until you receive treatment?

The doctor who wrote your referral remains responsible for your care until your appointment at the new clinic. Turn to him/her if your symptoms get more intense while waiting. Learn more about the health care guarantee – vårdgarantin at Vårdguiden.

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