Patient Fees & High-Cost Protection

Swedish healthcare is largely financed by taxes and thereby made affordable and accessible for all Swedes. Nevertheless, swedes pay a small fee when they receive healthcare in Sweden. Yet, these fees are modest and the high cost protection prevents swedes from paying more than 1100 SEK a year on healthcare.

You, as a newbie, are entitled to healthcare in Sweden on the same terms and conditions as Swedes, as soon as you have a residence permit. No residence permit? Find out what healthcare you are entitled to here.

Patient Fees in Sweden

The fees for healthcare in Sweden differ from county to county. A doctor’s appointment at a health centre costs between 100-300 SEK. An appointment with a gynaecologist or pediatrician costs between 200-350 SEK and a visit to the emergency room will cost you about 220-400 SEK. If you need to be hospitalised you will pay maximum 100 SEK a day.

High cost protection – högkostnadsskydd

Sweden has high cost protection – högkostnadsskydd. This prevents you from paying more than 1 100 SEK for healthcare over a period of twelve months. This means that you will only pay 1 100 SEK during a period of twelve months, no matter how much healthcare you receive during this 12 month period or how much it costs.

What the “high cost protection” doesn’t cover

The high cost protection covers almost all sort of healthcare in Sweden. Yet, there are some excluded treatments.

  • daily hospital fees
  • vaccinations
  • appointments that you fail to show up for
  • dental care (there is, however, a different type of high cost protection for dental care.)


There is high cost protection for prescribed drugs, it kicks in after you’ve paid 2200 SEK for medicines and works in the same way as the regular high cost protection.

Note: Non-prescription drugs are not covered by high-cost protection.

Learn more about patient fees and high cost protection at Vårdguiden.

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