Legal stuff and housing

The more people are looking for places to rent, the more we see creative rental solutions that sometimes are not quite within the matters of the law. There is a lot of stuff to keep track of when you rent an apartment – and here we have a number of things to help you on your way to a problem free rental. 

What do I do if my rent is way over the market price?

There is a maximum threshold for how much rent a landlord can take. However, it´s not unusual that landlords charge higher rents than they are allowed. 

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How do I know if a housing contract is legitimate?

Before you sign a housing contract it’s important to make sure that the contract is in fact valid. But, how do you know what is legitimate?

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What do I do when I don't get my deposit back?

Are you not getting your deposit back even if you left the apartment or house in good shape? This is what you do. 

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