What do I do when the landlord refuses to return the deposit?

refuses to return the deposit/عربون الضمان

Many landlords will ask for a security deposit in the beginning of the tenancy. The deposit shall be returned once the tenancy ends. However, it has become increasingly common that tenants don’t get their deposit back. 

As a tenant you can either turn to Hyresgästföreningen or Hyresnämnden if you wish to proceed legally to get your deposit back.

What you should know

  • Hyresgästföreningen will only pursue cases where they believe they have a change to win. Usually there will be a settlement and the tenant will get a part of the deposit back. If the tenant has receipts and a signed contract stating that the deposit is to be paid back, the chances are good to get a part of the deposit back.
  • The burden of proof is on the landlord. One argument for not paying back the deposit is often that the tenant caused damage to the apartment or the furniture. However the damage must be beyond the regular wear and tear and the burden of proof lays on the landlord: in other words he / she must be able to prove that the tenant caused the damage.

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