Usual insurance types

Insurance types

There are – apart from home insurance – a number of insurances that you can sign up for.  Many Oldbies settle with just a hemförsäkring. Some choose to sign an additional “clumsy insurance” – drulleförsäkring if they are known to be a bit accident prone. Others decides to go all in and insure more or less everything.

Insurances are ultimately a personal decision so don’t let the insurance companies scare you in to signing up for insurances. Keep a cold head and warm heart when entering the insurance world.

Allriskförsäkring ”drulleförsäkring”

The allriskförsäkring – popularly called drulleförsäkring – is a complement to your home insurance – hemförsäkring. It provides added protection to your belongings and steps in, in cases of “sudden and unforeseen events”, for example, if your drop your camera in the lake when fishing. This insurance is a good complement if you tend to be a bit clumsy.

Private health insurance – sjuk-och olycksfallsförsäkring 

Private health insurances are still uncommon in Sweden. Mostly because there is no real need for them. The public welfare system covers more or less the same scenarios, as a private insurance would do.

However, private health insurances have become increasingly popular over the last five years. Large companies and firms have started to offer this type of insurances to their employees as work benefits. The privileges of a private health insurance are mainly a greater coverage and faster access to some medical examinations and interventions.

A private health insurance might, e.g. grant you a larger lump sum if you get injured or disabled due to illness. It might also offer financial compensation in case you become disabled and unable to work.

Not sure about your insurance status? Ask your employer about the conditions of your work insurance. Is it private? Public? What does it cover? And what are you supposed to cover by yourself? Pay special attention to the work/spare time coverage. Most work insurances don’t apply if you get sick or injured during your spare time.

Children- and youth insurance – barn-och ungdomsförsäkring 

This is another type of insurance that partly overlaps with the coverage of the social security system in Sweden. Children who are seriously injured – becoming disabled for the rest of their lives – receive compensation from Försäkringskassan.

This compensation, however, has limits. And this is where private insurance companies offer a more comprehensive insurance with a greater coverage.

If you choose a barn-och ungdomsförsäkring, make sure to check that the insurance applies in cases of illness as well as accidents and that it provides financial compensation for both medical treatments as well as financial disability.

Unemployment Insurance – A-kassa

Signing up for unemployment insurance – a-kassa is a good investment for most Newbies as well as Oldbies. Unemployment might happen to any of us and when this happens it is nice to know that you are financially covered while you search for a new job.

There are many different types of unemployment insurances – make sure to find the one that suits you best. You generally pay a monthly fee for your membership and by doing so insure a percentage of your salary. More on unemployment insurances here.

Health and accident insurances for visitors

People traveling to Sweden generally need insurance in order to get a visa. A health and accident insurance for visitors should provide compensation for costs in cases of emergency dental care, accidents, medical transport as well as funeral expenses etc.  The insurance can be bought in your home country or online at most Swedish insurance companies.

Don’t forget to purchase the insurance before you visit Sweden.

Swedish companies that offer insurances for visitors

Final notes about insurances

  • Make sure to check that your insurances don’t overleap – if you have several insurances. Overlapping insurances might lead you to pay more than you need to.
  • Remember to keep a cold head and only sign insurances that you really think you need.