Medborgarkontor – citizens advice bureau


Medborgarkontor is a public service, provided by the municipalities, aiming to be a co-locating service where citizens can turn to with questions concerning life in the municipality.

At a Medborgarkontor you get information about different activities in your neighbourhood. You can e.g. turn to your local Medborgarkontor with questions concerning:

  • Preschool
  • Schools
  • Elderly care
  • Consumer issues
  • Housing issues

The citizens advisors at the Medborgarkontor can also help you read and understand letters from different authorities. If they can’t help you, they will guide you to the correct authority so you can receive the correct information.You can also, at most Medborgarkontor, read documents and protocols from the district committee (Stadsdelsnämnden). This is also the place to turn to with comments and complaints about the municipalities’ activities and services.

A pretty unknown service

This service was founded in 1987 but their services are unknown for most newcomers and Swedes. This is a great pity, as the citizen offices provide an important and helpful service. So, make sure to drop by if you have any questions or need more information about anything concerning your municipality.

Services vary between municipalities

The Medborgarkontor is a service provided by the municipalities, so services offered by the different offices might vary from municipality to municipality and even from office to office. At some citizen offices, like e.g. Vita Villan in Hässelby they offer extensive services like, Läxhjälp (help with homework), CV-skrivning (help writing your Swedish CV) , Studie-och yrkesvägledning (study counselling) in addition to the services mentioned above.

How do I find my closest medborgarkontor?

Most municipalities have at least one Medborgarkontor, while other municipalities have several offices within the same municipality. In order to find you closest Medborgarkontor we recommend that you contact your municipality or Google the name of your municipality or city together with the word Medborgarkontor. Here below you also find links to the Medborgarkontor in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

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