About the Swedish Tax Agency

taxes/مصلحة الضرائب

The Swedish Tax Agency – Skatteverket) is responsible for national tax collection and administering the population registration.

If you plan to live in Sweden one year of more you should register with the Swedish Tax Agency – Skatteverket. Doing so will add you to the Swedish Tax System and assigns you with a unique identification number, a so called personnummer.

Why pay taxes?

Paying taxes (sometimes quite a lot) is one of the many things Swedes do. Trying to find a way around it – is not a good idea. Life in Sweden comes with many social benefits and these benefits need to be paid for, somehow. When you pay your taxes, you contribute to these benefits. And by doing so, you’re added to the system, making you a benefiter of it. It’s actually quite nice – you give and you take.

Once you register with the Swedish Tax Agency all your personal data (current address, marital status, income etc.) is automatically spread to the other authorities. This may sound a bit scary but it is rather practical. If you e.g. move or get married, you only need to inform the Swedish Tax Agency about it and they will forward the information to other relevant authorities.

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