Register for an identity number


Registering at the Swedish Tax Agency – Skatteverket, needs to be done in person and can be a bit time consuming. 

But once you are done you will have your personal identification number – called personnummer, which works as a magic code for more or less everything in Sweden.

This is how you get a Swedish personnumer

  • Locate your nearest Tax Office. There is one in nearly any Swedish city. Find your closest Tax Office here. (Information in Swedish)
  • Go to the Tax Office in person and register. You usually don’t need an appointment, you just drop by during the opening hours.
  • What you need to bring for registering depends on your citizenship and partly on your family status (if you are moving here alone or with/to your family). Yet, you generally need to bring a valid passport and your residence permit (or equivalent).

You will be asked about your current residence address and family relations (spouse, children and grandparents etc.). This serves the purpose of adding you to the civil registration – folkbokföring. So, don’t get stressed by all these questions, they are part of the usual procedure.

This is what you need to bring for registering if you are:

Who shall register with the Swedish Tax Agency?

It partly depends on your citizenship, yet the general rule is that anyone who plans to live one year or more in Sweden should register with Skatteverket. 

Seeking asylum in Sweden?

To be registered in the Swedish Population Register you must have a residence permit (uppehållstillstånd). You can apply for a residence permit at the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket).


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