Housing allowance

Housing for refugees

Housing allowances – the so called bostadsbidrag is a social benefit administrated by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency – Försäkringskassan.

Housing allowances are mainly given to families with children who need help to pay their rent or monthly costs for their housing. The decision to grant housing allowances is based on your means which will determine if you need the support or if you can manage without it.

Bostadsbidrag is sometimes also granted to young people (of the age of 18-28) and to people who live of a pension.

Different kinds of housing allowance

If you have a low income, you may be entitled to help with your housing cost. There are different kinds of benefits and what you can apply for depends on your situation.

  • Housing allowance for those with children
  • Housing allowance for those between the ages of 18-28
  • Housing supplement for those with activity compensation or sickness compensation
  • Housing supplement for those who previously received temporary sickness compensation for the maximum time.
  • Special housing supplement for pensioners


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