Social orientation for newcomers

social orientation/التوجيه الاجتماعي

The course “Samhällsorientering för nyanlända” provides vital information for you who are new in Sweden. In the course you learn about your rights and responsibilities, how the Swedish society is organized and practical everyday life tasks.

The course is free of charge and taught in your mother tongue or another language that you understand.

The course consists of eight blocks which include the following themes:

  1. Arriving in Sweden
  2. Living in Sweden
  3. Supporting yourself and developing in Sweden
  4. The individual’s rights and obligations
  5. Building a family and living with children in Sweden
  6. Having an influence in Sweden
  7. Looking after your health in Sweden
  8. Ageing in Sweden

Who can take the course?

The course “Samhällsorientering för nyanlända” is for those who are between 18 and 64 years and have a residence permit based on family ties and are registered at a Swedish municipality after the first of May 2013. You can also take the course if you take part in a so-called introduction plan (etableringsplan).

Social orientation is not offered to you who are a:

  • citizen of an EU / EEA country or Switzerland
  • high school student
  • labour migrant
  • student or guest researcher

Contact your municipality to register and take part in the course. Note that the offer is only active during your first three years in Sweden.

You can learn more about “Samhällsorientering för nyanlända” here (information mainly in Swedish).


The course is based on a book called “About Sweden” this book can be downloaded by anyone and is free of charge. It is translated into several languages, you just select the language at the top of the page.

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