Internationella Bekantskaper

Internationella bekantskaper

Internationella BekantskaperInternationella Bekantskaper is an association that matches people who speaks Swedish with people who are learning Swedish.

  • Where? Mainly in Stockholm (Tensta, Vällingby, Rinkeby), but Internationella Bekantskaper does also have a smaller presence in Uppsala.
  • For whom? For people who want to learn Swedish (Newbies) but also for Swedes (or established Newbies) who want to teach and help Newbies to conquer the Swedish language.

How does it work?

Internationella Bekantskaper offers a variety of activities, including:

  • Medpratare – support for the SFI and SAS students
  • Språkstödjare – language support for newcomers in the age of 16-20 who lack upper secondary education (gymnasiekompetens)
  • Läxhjälp – homework support for young new Swedes (grundskola & gymnasium)
  • Internationella Träffar – language-cafes, film-and book clubs, theatre visits and football games
  • Swedish with Baby – get-together for parents from different neighborhoods

Sign up and contact?

Check the calendar on their website to find out what activities are up next. Visit their website for more information and contact dates.

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