Korta vägen – training program foreign born graduates

Korta vägen

Korta vägen is a training program for foreign born graduates. The aim of the program is to help foreign academics establish themselves professionally as soon as possible upon their arrival in Sweden. It was launched in 2012 and has proven to be very successful.

A study made by Stockholms university show that 95% of the participants received a qualified internship (praktikplats) and that 59% of the participant got a job within their field after finishing Korta vägen.

Korta vägen is held at 20 universities and institutions of higher education in Sweden. The program is free of charge and open for newcomers with at least three years of documented university studies. Admissions are made by a language test and motivational interview. The duration of the program is between 12-26 weeks. Korta vägen helps you:

  • identify and assess your academic skills
  • get a qualified internship (called praktikplats) at a company within your field
  • improve your Swedish through specialised Swedish courses
  • provide you with professional coaching and shorter job training programmes

Korta vägen is a cooperation between the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) the Swedish industry (Näringslivet) and 20 institutions of higher learning in Sweden.

Interested? Contact your local Employment Service (Arbetsförmedling) if you think Korta vägen may be for you. They will provide you with more information and help you with the application process.

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