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Nya Kompisbyrån matches Swedes and Newbies for a kompisfika (coffee), a dinner, or a digital meeting.  It’s an opportunity for Newbies to easily integrate into Swedish society and help the newcomers to wider their social network.

The organization is politically and religiously impartial, open to everyone no matter the gender, age or nationality. They offer three ways to find new friends, learn some Swedish, socialize or boost your chances to get a new job.


If you wish to improve your Swedish, Nya Kompisbyrån sets up a first meeting for you to practice your Swedish over a fika for an hour. This is a perfect way to improve your language skills with a native speaker. It is add up to you and your fika-mate to decide if you want to continue meeting after that.

Moreover, you are welcome to bring a friend and you must be at least 18 years of age to participate.

Organize a dinner

Welcome, dinner is served! This meeting brings Swedes and newcomers together for dinner and good company.  The goal of the initiative is to unite food, language, and social interaction. Thereby ease newcomers journey into Swedish society.

Digital meeting

During the times of social distancing, Nya Kompisbyrån launched this fantastic program, called Digitalkompis. It allows you to meet new people online and at the same time practice your Swedish skills.

Nya Kompisbyrån combines the old concept of Kompisbyrån and Invitationsdepartementet, by adding a new twist to the social interactions during the times of COVID-19. Their idea is simple: to bring people together.

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Find more information and sign up directly at Nya Kompisbyrån!

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