Jyoti, India


Jyoti came from India to Sweden in January 2016. She was then living in Bangalore with her husband, they worked non stop, had no kids and were generally enjoying their lived. But they both had a desire to travel the world and so when they got the opportunity to work in Sweden, they decided to take a chance, to travel and to explore the world. We started by asking her what she likes about Sweden and Swedes.

I like a lot of things really. But some of the top things on my list right now are things like an efficient transport system and the equality between men and women. I also like that Swedes are generally polite in the way they talk and their close knit family system.

What Swedish word is your favourite?

Tack så mycket!

Waiting for the fabulous public transport

What do you find strange about Swedes?

They are quite reserved and I don’t understand how they can eat sweet stuff all the time and still be so fit!

What do you miss the most from your India?


What helped you to settle in Sweden?

The most important thing which has motivated me to stay, is clearly the quality of life. I spend much more time with my husband here. Also on a more personal note I became pregnant and we had our baby girl here within a year of arrival.

Is there something confusing that happend during your first time here?

I recently had my baby and when we went for the check up of the baby, the doctor only spoke Swedish. We didn’t understand each other at all, but in the end, we managed to do everything the doctor wanted, even though we didn’t understand a single word.

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