Swedish Language Tests

Swedish language tests/اختبار السويدية

Curious about your current Swedish level? In need of a Swedish certificate? Or about to apply to a Swedish university? There are many reasons to take a Swedish test and a lot of language tests have emerged lately to meet this need. Some tests are free.

Others are quite expensive. Some are held regularly throughout the year. While others are just held once or twice a year.

Your options

  1. TISUS – Swedish Test for University Studies
  2. Business Swedish Certificate
  3. Swedex
  4. SAS Level Test
  5. SFI Level Test
  6. Level Tests at Folkuniversitet

TISUS (Swedish Test for University Studies)

Want to study at a university in Sweden? The TISUS is recognised by all universities in Sweden as a statement of eligibility regarding Swedish language proficiency. The test consists of three components: reading, writing and speaking. It is held twice a year in Sweden and at a number of Swedish embassies outside Sweden. It costs 1 600 SEK.


 (All information is in Swedish)

Business Swedish Certificate

Do you need proof of your Swedish skills for a job? The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce – Företagsuniversitet offer two types of Swedish certificates, both with emphasis on business language – one basic and one advanced. The examination takes place in Stockholm and is held in May and December.


Swedex is a Swedish test approved by the Swedish Institute. The test relates to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language and can be done at three different levels: A2, B1 and B2. Swedex serves two main functions – it works as a measurement of your current language level and it constitutes an alternative to the Swedish Business Certificate.

However, Swedex does not make you eligible to study at a Swedish university. The test is held in Sweden as well as abroad and can be taken several times a year. The price of the test depends on your location.

Level Test SFI (Swedish for immigrants)

Most SFI schools offer language level tests. Doing a level test at  SFI is recommended if you are not starting from scratch and mandatory if you are coming back from a long break.

Note: you aren’t allowed to take the test while you are taking a SFI course. A reservation is generally not needed, just bring your ID or passport and drop by during opening hours.

There is no central SFI website with all SFI schools in Sweden. Visit or call the website of your municipality to find your closest SFI testing centre.

SFI Centrum in Stockholm
Hornsgatan 124, (T-bana Zinkensdamm), plan 3.
Phone: 08-508 35 450

 (Information in Swedish)

Level Test SAS (Swedish as a Second Language)

The SAS (Swedish as a second language) level test has many similarities with the SFI level test. It’s done in the same place and the requirements are more or less the same: no reservation is needed, just drop by during opening hours and make sure to bring your passport or ID.

The test takes about 3 hours, so come well rested and bring snacks with you. You get your test results immediately.


Folkuniversitet offers web-based language tests. The tests are free of charge and a great alternative if you want to find out about your current language level. The test is a combination of two methods: self-assessment, where you assess your own skill-level, and a standardized question test. You get the test results mailed to you. The tests takes about 30 – 90 minutes.

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