Swedish Spelling Software

Can’t Spell? You may need a spelling software to help. Spelling in Swedish is a challenge. One single letter can change the whole meaning of a word; grattis (congratulations) is not the same as gratis (for free), even though it sounds more or less the same. So what do you do to avoid making annoying spelling mistakes?

This is what you do

  • live by the device that “practice makes the master” and accept that you will make mistakes
  • turn to the proofing eye of a Swedish-speaking friend
  • start using a spelling and grammar software.

 Stava Rex

Stava Rex was originally a computer program for people with reading and spelling disorders, such as dyslexia. But it works perfectly for everyone who needs a bit of help with their Swedish spelling.

Stava Rex not only corrects incorrect spelling and grammar, it also points out words that are easily mixed up. Stava Rex is suitable for PC and Mac and you can download a 30 days demo version of the program for free. Download it here.

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