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The Swedish Teacher offers high-quality Swedish lessons over Skype, customized to your unique needs and is flexible concerning time and place. The classes are a perfect option for those who want to study Swedish independent of location.

The Swedish Teacher offers individual lessons or small group courses for beginners.

Swedish language group class for beginners

Are you interested in a small, fast track group Swedish course for beginners? Look no further.

During the autumn of 2020, you can sign up to a 5-week course where you cover chapter 6-10 in Rivstart A1+A2.

  • Start date: November 2nd 2020 (CET)
  • Morning course: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10-11:45 CET including 15 minute break.
  • Evening course: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 18-19:45 CET including 15 minute break.
  • Number of lessons: 15 x 90 minutes
  • Price: USD 450
  • Number of students: 4
  • Study material: Chapter 1-5 in Rivstart A1+A2 (Levy Scherrer & Lindemalm)

Book here (just scroll down the page to the “Book now” button

One-on-one Swedish Lessons Over Skype

This set up is perfect for those of you who wish to:

  • study with a professional, experienced, native-speaking teacher,
  • focus on specific areas such as conversation, pronunciation, grammar, writing or work-related vocabulary,
  • prepare for Swedish language exams, such as SFI-provet, Swedex, and Folkuniversitetet’s C1-test,
  • write a CV and cover letter,
  • and prepare for a job interview in Swedish.

Risk-free trial lesson

With The Swedish Teacher, you can book a risk-free trial lesson/consultation. During this session, you will meet your teacher to discuss the best approach to reach your goals and target your needs. Book your lesson directly on their website.

Available 7 days a week

Lessons are offered seven days a week— including evenings—making it possible for you to study outside office hours. Book and pay for your lessons online, one at a time or prepay for 10 lessons and receive a discount. You can choose between 30, 45, 60 or 90-minute lessons.

Professional and native-speaking teachers

All the teachers are native speakers from Sweden and have:

  • a university degree in teaching Swedish as a foreign language,
  • long professional experience teaching Swedish as a foreign language,
  • and personal experience living abroad in bilingual families and can give you valuable cultural guidance when you’re new in Sweden.

 Find out more about the teachers:  Sara Hörberg, Jeanette Morales, Hannah Goldring, Christian Odendahl, Olivia Karlsson, Lotta Lantz, Cecilia Yrrtiaho and Erica Tamn. Get to know them better here.

“My teacher is absolutely great. She is extremely didactic and has a lot of experience in teaching Swedish as a second language. She has also a sense of humor that also makes the classes fun.”  Gustavo Bosignoli, Stockholm

Tailored lessons over Skype with The Swedish Teacher

All lessons are taught over Skype, and are tailored to your goals and needs, which ensures high-quality instruction that is both effective and flexible. The Swedish Teacher has broad offerings that stretch from beginner- to advanced levels.

Swedish Beginner (Level A1-A2 CEFR)

A quick start course for those who want to learn basic phrases, grammar, and vocabulary, for situations in everyday life. Close attention is paid to pronunciation of vowel and consonant sounds, as well as typical Swedish intonation. The Rivstart, Mål or På svenska textbooks are often used.

Swedish Intermediate (level B1-B2 CEFR)

Suits those with some existing Swedish skills. You will expand your vocabulary, polish your grammar, and gain confidence speaking Swedish. Textbooks Rivstart B1+B2 and Form i fokus B.

Swedish Advanced (level C1-C2 CEFR)

Suits students who want to speak and write Swedish fluently in most situations in their life. Common course material is Text i fokus, Form i fokus C, as well as newspaper articles, along with radio programs and TV shows.

Conversation Lessons (from level A2)

Perfect for those who already have studied some Swedish and want to put it to use. Besides increasing your confidence in speaking and expanding your vocabulary, you will also improve your sentence construction and pronunciation.

Swedish at Work (from level B1 CEFR)

For those who wish to acquire a specialized vocabulary, improve their professional writing, polish their presentation skills or simply get more confident speaking Swedish in various work situations.

Pronunciation Lessons (from A2 CEFR)

These classes begin with a personal analysis of your pronunciation skills. They continue with a specialized training program that teaches you the techniques needed to produce vowel and consonant sounds that are typical for Swedish. You will also get help mastering Swedish intonation.  

Language Exam Preparation

The Swedish Teacher can help you prepare for several Swedish language exams such as SFI-provet, Swedex and Folkuniversitetet’s C1-prov. 

Contact The Swedish Teacher

For more information about The Swedish Teacher, visit their website, follow them on Facebook, and read their blog.

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