SIFA & SFX – Swedish for professionals and academics

السويدية للمهنيين والأكاديميين

There are specialized Swedish courses for foreign-born graduates and professionals in Sweden. These courses hold a higher study pace than regular SFI courses and are designed for highly motivated students.

There are two types of courses:

  • one for foreign-born graduates in general
  • one for foreign-born professionals within certain work fields

Swedish for academics

The Swedish for academics courses (Svenska för akademiker) are aimed toward foreign-born graduates in general. The study pace is high and a good portion of motivation is needed.

Many cities offer these sorts of courses (see list below) yet we recommend you to contact your municipality if you cannot find one course in your region/city. Some municipalities offer Swedish courses for academics, even though the lack information about this online.

Swedish for professionals

Swedish for professionals (svenska för yrkesverksutbildade) is a specialized Swedish language courses for professional newbies. The goal is to shorten the path through the educational system, and the time it takes before you can start working in your profession in Sweden. There are currently language courses for eight different working fields:

  • Swedish for bus drivers
  • Swedish for entrepreneurs
  • Swedish for craftsmen
  • Swedish for engineers
  • Swedish for truck drivers
  • Swedish for medical staff
  • Swedish for educators
  • Swedish for lawyers, economists and social scientists
  • Swedish for IT programmers

Swedish for professionals in Stockholm

The municipalities in the region Stockholm has a joint website, with information about Swedish courses for foreign-born graduates and professionals.

Learn more here. The information comes in a number of languages.

Contact your municipality to find out if there are special Swedish courses for foreign-born graduates and professionals in your city/region.

More support for foreign-born academic and professional 

Learn more about the support you can receive as a foreign-born professional and/or academics.

Korta vägen

Korta vägen is an integration and training program for academic Newbies. The aim is to provide you with the skills needed to enter the Swedish labour market. Korta vägen is held at 20 universities and institutions of higher education in Sweden. The program is free and open for academic Newbies with at least three years of documented university studies.

SACO’s Omstart

The Swedish Central Organisation for academics, SACO has a useful website that gathers information concerning work search, education, labour legislation in Sweden with a special focus on professional and academic Newbies.

Learn more here.

Sveriges Internationella Talanger, SIT

Sveriges Internationella Talanger is a network of foreign-born graduates. Their aim is to help Newbies find work in Sweden.

Join their LinkedIn group here

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