Mitt Livs Chans Mentoring Program

Mitt Liv is dedicated to create an inclusive society and a job market that values diversity. They offer, among other things, a mentoring program for newcomers with a post-secondary education who are missing a job in Sweden equivalent to their field of competence. As a mentee in the program you are connected to a mentor and companies during a period of four months. So if you are a newbie in Sweden looking to make it into the job market, it may be a good idea to check out Mitt Liv and their mentoring program.

Mitt Livs Chans is a free mentoring program for newbies who have a post-secondary education but no job that is within their field of competence. The program lasts for four (4) months and gives the mentees a mentor that you meet individually, as well as joint program meetings where mentors and mentees meet to network, make new contacts and deepen the understanding of the Swedish job market.

Who can apply?

In order to be eligible for Mitt Livs Chans mentoring program, you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Be of a foreign background (they define foreign background according to SCB’s definition, which means that you are foreign born or born in Sweden with two foreign born parents).
  • Have a completed post-secondary education.
  • Have a work permit in Sweden.
  • NOT have a job equivalent to your skills/educational background.
  • Be able to communicate freely in Swedish and/or English. 

Where can I apply?

You find online form in English here.
And a Swedish one here.

Where is the mentoring program held?

The program is available throughout Sweden since all meetings are available online. When you apply, you can choose to attend physical networking meet-ups in Malmö, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Norrköping/Linköping*. The program consists of the following elements:

  • Mentorship/individual meetings: you are matched with a mentor who is established in the Swedish job market, who will support and guide you throughout the program. 
  • Networking Meet-ups: joint online or physical meetings* with other mentors and mentees with the focus to widen your professional network.
  • Digital Theme Sessions: joint online meetings with other mentors and mentees where you get to deepen your skills within the subjects of CV strategy, interview training and Swedish organization culture.
  • E-learning Platform: All participants have access to an e-learning platform which provides practical material to help sharpen your job searching skills.

Meetings are held either at around lunch time or early evening to accommodate other jobs and studies.

*Because of the current situation with Covid-19, all physical networking meet-ups in the program are held online on the same dates and times until further notice. 

When can I apply?

The next program starts February 8-12, 2021. Applications are open and the application deadline is December 15, 2020.

How often are the courses held?

Programs are four (4) months long and are held twice a year, through February-May and September-December.

What does the mentoring program cost?

The program is totally free. It is financed by companies and organizations interested in contributing to a diverse workforce in Sweden.

What else?

  • According to Mitt Liv’s impact report, 51% of the mentees in Mitt Livs Chans landed a job within 7 months of the program. Read the whole report here (in Swedish).
  • A large number of mentors in the program come from Mitt Livs partner network. It consists of about 50 organizations, including companies like Deloitte, Volvo Group, Axel Johnson, SEB and many more. Check out the whole network here
  • Mitt Liv also help employers connect with mentees in the program via their recruitment platform. To become available in their talent pool, you can create a profile and find advertised jobs here.

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