Step one: make yourself interesting for employers

step one for work / للإهتمام

There are some basics things that you can do to increase your attractiveness on the Swedish work market.

Learn Swedish

To work is to give, take and process information in spoken and written form. You must interact with Swedes – on their own terms  – in order to work here and that means speaking Swedish. Learn more about where and how to learn Swedish here.


Another way to be more interesting to the work market is to study (or to complement your studies). Study something you always dreamt of or something needed on the Swedish work market. Getting the right skills can work as a key into the Swedish work market.

Get a driving license

A driving license isn’t only a requirement for many professions, it will also increase your mobility and make it possible for you to actually get to work. Learn more on how to require a Swedish driving license here.

Value yourself

Note your strengths and qualities. What are you good at? What makes you special? You’re usually good at things you like to do. Ask yourself what you enjoy doing and why. Note that your strengths can change over time. Yet, note that Swedes are generally humble and bragging is frowned upon.

Figure out what you want

Knowing what we want is a crucial step in actually getting it. Approaching the work market without the slightest clue about what you like to do is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Do you like to work with people? Words? Or maybe digital solutions? Do you want to work fulltime? Part-time? Or would you rather be a freelancer? The options are endless.

Move where the work is

Moving to a different location in Sweden can make things easier work wise.

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