The Newbie Team

While guiding their non-Swedish friends and family through the process of settling down in Sweden, the founders of The Newbie Guide to Sweden realized there was a lack of support for newbies in the public. Primarily because of language barriers but the scattered nature of the information was not making things any better!

So, the founders decided to bridge this information gap by offering guidance, easy to understand information and insider tips on one single platform. And thus with the hope of making immigration of Newbies to Sweden warmer and more conducive, the Newbie Guide to Sweden was born.

Meet The Newbie Guide to Sweden’s Core Team

Julieta Spoerer

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Julieta is co-founder and CEO at The Newbie Guide to Sweden. Julieta got the initial idea to The Newbie Guide almost a decade ago thanks to the lack of a surname on a door. Another feather in her cap is Caligraph Communication, a digital communications company she started in 2011. An avid book reader, Julieta happily rereads books many times and loves to travel but hates to fly. Read More >>

Natália Faria

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Natália parachuted into Sweden in 2016, when she started volunteering with The Newbie Guide to Sweden to add experience to her portfolio. Soon her knack for Digital Marketing and passion for the project lead to her becoming a Marketing & Operations Manager of the company. Natália is a hugger by (Brazilian) nature, loves chocolate, and believes in kindness. Read More >>

There is always a lot of work to do on The Newbie Guide to Sweden and helping us, are a group of absolutely fantastic volunteers. Actually, they more than that; they are truly our Core Team. Skilled people help us to bring the content to life, so we can continue growing, engaging and delighting the loyal members of our Newbie Community.

Claudia Laborda

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Claudia is a writer and screenwriter from Barcelona. She lives in Stockholm and is currently studying Swedish and finishing her first book. She loves languages, road trips, books and taking pictures for her Instagram @kospialidosa. You can also check out her blog where she reviews books and writes short stories. Claudia shares her creativity with us as our Social Media Manager (Newbie English). Read More >>

Hana Sghaier

Hana has been living in Sweden for few years. She is a specialist in English Literature, World Literature, and Climate Change in Literature. She also has a big interest in civilizations, Drama, and the Korean language. Hana is our fantastic Social Media and Content Manager (Newbie Arabic).

Ada Juraś

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Ada comes from Poland, where she studies Linguistics for Business. She is passionate about Swedish art, design, politics, and culture and has been living in Stockholm since 2017. Ada is our amazing Content Manager (Newbie English). She is the one making sure that we offer relevant content to our audience. She also coordinates our Blogger Volunteers, the amazing people who share Newbie stories with us.

Arthur Silva

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Arthur moved from Brazil with his partner during spring 2016. “The country has been great to us so far! When I’m not at work I’m usually watching TV series, watching e-sports and cooking. I am looking forward to helping Newbies.” Currently, Arthur is our Tech support.