The Newbie Team

While guiding their non-Swedish friends and family through the process of settling down in Sweden, the founders of The Newbie Guide to Sweden realized there was a lack of support for newbies in the public. Primarily because of language barriers but the scattered nature of the information was not making things any better!

So, the founders decided to bridge this information gap by offering guidance, easy to understand information and insider tips on one single platform. And thus with the hope of making immigration of Newbies to Sweden warmer and more conducive, the Newbie Guide to Sweden was born.

Who runs The Newbie Guide to Sweden?

The Newbie Guide to Sweden was launched in November 2015 by Julieta and Isadora Spoerer. Very early on oldbie Garane Legrand from France  joined and about a year later the team was completed with newbie Natalia Faria who had just arrived from Brazil. This means that behind The Newbie Guide to Sweden is a small but dedicated team with both international and Swedish perspectives and a broad spectrum of expertise. The Newbie Guide to Sweden is a heart project which we work on during weekends and evenings which means that not only do our volunteers give The Newbie Guide to Sweden that unique and personal voice, they make it go round.


Julieta Spoerer

Julieta Spoerer

Julieta Spoerer
Julieta is a co-founder, CEO, copywriter and marketing manager at The Newbie Guide to Sweden. Julieta got the initial idea to The Newbie Guide almost a decade ago thanks to the lack of a surname on a door.  Another feather in her cap is Caligraph Communication AB, a digital communications company she started in 2011. An avid book reader, Julieta happily rereads books many times and loves to travel but hates to fly.



Natália Faria

Natália Faria
Natália parachuted into Sweden by chance and by love. A journalist by trait, she is currently doing a Master’s degree at Stockholms Universitet. Natália started as a volunteer but her knack for visual marketing and passion for The Newbie Guide to Sweden lead to her becoming part owner and a permanent member of the Newbie Team. Natália is a hugger by (Brazilian) nature, loves chocolate and believes in kindness.



What is The Newbie Guide to Sweden?

The Newbie Guide to Sweden is a digital platform that aims to inform and empower people who are going through new life experiences in Sweden. We are a small company run by a handful of people in their free time. We have no support from government, authorities or other financiers. The website is run on the teams own resources and time and of course – by our wonderful volunteers.

Why do we advertise?

It’s simple really – even though The Newbie team works day jobs and do not take any salaries, the company has expenses that need to be paid. This is why we do a limited amount of advertising when we find products, companies, or organisations that can bring something of value to our newbie community.

Why do we need volunteers?

When we started The Newbie Guide to Sweden it was a project mostly for our friends and friends of friends. In the first week we had 5.000 visitors and the numbers kept growing. It quickly became clear that there was a much bigger need for something like The Newbie Guide to Sweden than we had ever imagined. And as it grows, so do the demands. As the Newbie Team has day jobs, it limits the amount of time we can spend which means that our volunteers are vital.

But, the most important point is that we want The Newbie Guide to be by newbies for newbies because we believe that no one can understand what a newbie is going through like another newbie who is going through the same journey.