The Step-By-Step Guide To A Swedish Driving License 

driving license

There are many reasons to go through the trouble of getting a Swedish driving license. Whatever your reasons, a Swedish driving license is a good investment if you plan to stay in Sweden for a while.

Steps to get a Swedish driving license

  1. apply for a learning permit
  2. start your driving practice
  3. study the theory of driving
  4. take the risk training – riskutbildning
  5. book a time for a driving test.

1. Learners permit – körkortstillstånd

The process of getting a Swedish driving license starts by applying for a learners permit – (körkortstillstånd). The process is as follows:

  • fill out the application form to apply for a learners permit and the health & eye sight declaration, called  Ansökan körkortstillstånd + hälso & synintyg“  and submit it to the Swedish Transport Agency – Transportstyrelsen. (The information is in Swedish).
  • get an eyesight certificate (synintyg) and submit it to your application. You can perform the eye test and get the certificate at your local optician or at most driving schools.
  • sign the health declaration which comes in the application form, which confirm that you have no illnesses that might influence your driving ability.
  • There is no cost for the application, however, there is a cost for the vision test and this depends on the chosen optician.

Your körkortstillstånd is valid for five years.

Note: the processing time can be two months or in some cases more.

2. Driving practice – övningsköra

Once you have your körkortstillstånd – you are ready to start practicing! You can pay for lessons at a driving school or practice for free with a friend, parent or partner – a so called handledare. Both approaches have pros and cons. A handledare is cheaper but there is a risk that you will learn the bad habits of your handledare. It is therefore recommended to combine the two in order to get a lot of practice AND properly learn the latest rules.

handledare is not – as it might sound – a private teacher. Most people who have a driving license can become a handledare and many beginners practice with their parents, partner or friends as handledare. The requirements for being a handledare are:

  • to be at least 24 years old
  • to have had a driving license for at least five years

You become a handledare by applying for a tutors permission, a so called handledarbevis. It costs 170 SEK and you find the application form Ansökan handledarskap privat övningskörning  here.

You and your handledare will also have to partake in an introduction course – introduktionsutbildning. Most driving schools offer this course and it generally costs about 300 – 400 SEK/person. You will not need a special car (with dual commands) to practice with your handledare.

3. The theory of driving

It is recommended to learn the theory parallel to your driving practice. Driving schools have a variety of learning alternatives. If you choose not to go to a driving school you can crack the theory by reading the Driving License Book – Körkortsboken. It’s not an exciting read but will teach you all you need.

There are also many learning websites out there, Körkort Online for instance is translated to English. When using online tools make sure it’s a recent edition as regulations change often.

The driving license book – Körkortsboken
Körkortsboken is the most common driving theory book and you usually find a copy at the library or you can buy it online. There are versions of this book in other languages. However these versions are not always updated, so make sure to check this before buying a book.

4. Risk Training – Riskutbildning

You need to do a risk training – a so-called riskutbildning before you can book your final test. This training is compulsory and consists of two parts. The first part is theoretical and will teach you about the risks with alcohol, drugs and tiredness while driving.

The second part focuses on speed and security issues. The main aspect of this section is skid training – the so-called halkbana where they will test your driving abilities in extreme conditions such as icy roads. Once done, you will receive a certificate which is valid for 4 years. The price for the course varies, but costs usually around 2800 SEK (for both parts).

Good news – there are schools that provide that kind of training in English!

5. Test time

The practical and theoretical parts are considered one test called förarprov. You can take both tests in one day or have some days between the tests. However, make sure you take both test within two weeks. You book your tests at the Swedish Transport Administration Agency – Trafikverket. If you have joined a driving school they will help you book your test.

On the first exam, you have to take photographs on the spot. It costs 80 kronor.

The theoretical test – Kunskapsprov
Finally, the moment of truth! You start with the theoretical test – kunskapsprov and continue with the practical test – förarprov. You take the second test regardless of how the first part turned out.

The theoretical test consists of 70 questions and you need to get at least 52 of them right in order to pass. The good news are that you don’t have to take the test in Swedish! You can write it in Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian, Croatian, English, Finnish, French, Persian, Russian, Serbian, Somali, Sorani, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, and German.

The driving test – Körprov.
The driving test is about 25 minutes. You will be judged on overall impression but the examiners will look especially for:

  • your vehicle control
  • your actions and reactions in different traffic situations
  • how you apply different traffic rules
  • if you apply “eco-driving”

On the test day you need a dual control car. You can either rent one or borrow one from your driving school. It isn’t possible to take the practical part of the test in any other language than Swedish, but if you ask nicely, you might get the examiner to give his or her instructions in English. If needed, you are allowed to bring an interpreter with you during the practical test.

Well, that’s it. BEST OF LUCK and don’t forget to bring your ID!

Did you pass?

They will inform you immediately if you passed the tests. If you pass both tests you can drive – you just need your ID. You will receive your real driving license five days later with the post.

Did you fail?

Don’t worry. 1 out of 2 fail the driving test, so relax! Yet, you should hurry to book a retest – a so-called omtest. This should be done within three days. You need to successfully pass both tests within two months, or you will have to pay all fees and retake all tests again.

Which licenses are valid in Sweden?