Free Choice of Care

free choice of care

Sweden has free choice of care – fritt vårdval. This means that you are free to go to any health centre you want. The only restriction is that the health centre must be run by, or have an agreement with the county council or region.

The regulation of fritt vårdval covers medical treatments provided by:

  • health centres – vårdcentral
  • child welfare centres – barnavårdscentral
  • midwife’s clinics – barnmorskemottagning
  • youth clinics – ungdomsmottagning
  • outpatient specialist clinics – specialist

Note: you generally need a referral in order to receive specialist treatment in Sweden.

Your county council will assign you a health centre, unless you actively choose one. You are however free to switch to another health centre whenever and for whatever reason that might be. Learn more about free choice of care -fritt vårdval at Vårdguiden.

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